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Best Practices in Energy Medicine, safe curriculum for energy schools


~ Welcome Beautiful Soul ~

bd-2011-14kI'm Bruce Dickson.  I've been in metaphysical and healing circles since I was kid, thanks to my parents.
I work with men and women attracted to, or already walking, their Heroes Journey of Self-healing. I find we need each other to heal. I use my mentors frequently. Self-healers can be any age; any income level, race, country, religion. We're all mending our fragmented self as best we can.

Many of us are learning how asking God to be my Partner is the most wonderful psychic self-protection. Which God? The one workable for you today. You decide; you choose.

If you are bothered by unresolved unconscious disturbances, you'll find many Tools That Heal here. If you get stuck, give me a call.

willingness-to-heal-icon200Are you hopeful about your own self-healing? Then lots here you can learn here and lots we can do together.
new-energy-anatomy-icon200pxA "tribe" of self-healers exists but it's very scattered and diffuse geographically. I used to think a tribe was something I joined for support and protection. My new view is a tribe of self-healers inspires and motivates people to go both deeper and higher in their self-healing. There's a big difference.

Did you have a teacher in high school who simply presented material from a textbook; you read it, took a quiz and that was it. If you were good at rote memorization, you got a good grade. Then there were other teachers who led you into interesting discussions and motivated you to explore and learn more. That's leadership; that's supporting people to find their passion. That's the tribe I want to co-create with others.

Self-healing is NOT primarily about information, in my experience. It's about courage. Do I have courage and motivation to try one more experiment with this new method that may or may not work for me? The only way to learn is--to do an experiment. If my experiments inspire you to do your own home experiments, then I have done my job.

Unconscious-patterns-icon200If you get stuck, give me a call.  

What else is here?  20 books on Best Practices in Energy Medicine, 300 articles on best practices in holistic self-healing, 20 videos, gift monthly course on the Unconsicous Patterns undelying all methods, modes, techniques on the Energy Medicine Skill Ladder.  


Tags: energy medicine textbooks, waldorf approach to self-healing, energy detective resources, heroes journey of self-healing

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