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Build your own Self-Healing Toolbox. 100+ Best Practices in Holistic methods & techniques in articles & videos


All Tools That Heal here based on the Three Selves and the spiritual protection of Soul & Above.  All methods verifiable with muscle testing, of any kind. 

Initial Gift Sessions in Health Intuition available by phone/Skype.  Self-healers enjoy asking questions like these:

Question # 7: What are my blocks and obstacles to Inner Sunshine and Soul & Above? ... HERE

Question # 6: "What negativity am I putting up with and tolerating?" ... HERE  

Question # 5: "How much do I like myself, my own ‘child within’? ... HERE    

Question # 4: "What is my willingness to serve myself and others, with 'God as my Partner'? ... HERE 

Question # 3: "What is my willingness to heal?" ... HERE 

Question #2:  "What is my willingness to learn and grow?"  HERE

Question # 1: "What is my willingness to live?" ... HERE

If you haven’t seen Bruce professionally before, take advantage of the Initial Gift Session offer, by phone or Skype.

PST time 8 am 9pm 310- 280 -1176  Skype:  selfhealingcoach

This is a gift, like the gift box in the image. We unwrap it to reveal something for your learning, growth and upliftment.

bruce-100x100I've been serving this way since 2001. 14 books available on this and three more coming.  This is simply sharing wealth we act as if we're too busy to ask for.  You can call now Skype: SelfHealingCoach

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310-280-1176 ~ Skype SelfHealingCoach
Consultations by phone, Skype and in person