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Best Practices in Energy Medicine, safe curriculum for energy schools

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325px-new-energy-anatomy-book~ Welcome Beautiful Soul ~

UnkaPat-frcvr-only-15kNot the same old New Age topics!  Not your mother's aura and chakra diagrams!  Since NLP and muscle testing converged with 'God is my Partner' this is much more available to all looking for Tools That Heal. Let's make Energy Medicine and self-healing easier to learn and teach.

I'm Bruce Dickson.  I've been in metaphysical and healing circles since I was kid, thanks to growing up in a family of dowsers. 


abstract-flowers-sunset8kI love working with highly intuitive people committed to walking their own Hero's Journey of self-healing and sharing their gifts and tools with those looking for them.  Healing Toolbox is resources applicable to a wide range of energy school topics, staff and students.  This project is in support of all Energy Medicine modes on the Skill Ladder, which is HERE.  "Principles of Energy Medicine (2014) DRAFT for comment" is HERE.    

325px-meridian-metaphors-book325px-muscle-testing-spiritual-exercise-bookWe have wonderful videos HERE that make simple and humorous, some of the mostcomplex ideas in holistic healing. 

16 books for energy schools HERE articulate Best Practices in Energy medicine that have emerged after 40 years of practice and experiment.  Why reinvent the wheel?  Feel free to use these ideas and these texts to compose your own classes,workshops, retreats and degree programs.


abstract-dust80k"End of 'Wild West' in holistic health and energy healing" is HERE.

"Mission of Healing Toolbox: Curriculum for energy schools" is HERE

bd-2012-10k200px325px-willingness-to-heal-bookMe?  Contact me at HealingToolbox @ gmail.com for a 20-30 minute gift initial session in Health Intuition.

More info on what you can do in a session is HERE I love to hear from viewers of this site.






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